Namara Butter Baum TSUMUGI

“Namara Butter Baum TSUMUGI” is a Baumkuchen-style cake brimming with the flavor of Hokkaido; made from aromatic Hokkaido wheat and ISHIYA’s specially selected original Yotsuba Butter jointly developed with Yotsuba Milk Products, Co., Ltd., one of the most famous dairy manufactures in Hokkaido. This quality butter taste complements not only milk and coffee, but also alcohol such as wine and whisky. Orthodox yet aromatic and rich – exquisite confectionery to make you feel contented. Why not indulge yourself ?

*Namara means “very” or “extremely” in the Hokkaido dialect.

“Namara Butter Baum TSUMUGI”
Price: 1,296 yen tax inclusive
Allergens: wheat, egg, milk, soybeans
Best eaten within 30 days of manufacture.
On sale from September 14, 2017


At SHIROI KOIBITO PARK, visitors can not only observe the manufacturing process of SHIROI KOIBITO confectionery, but they can also take part in hands-on confectionery making activities and see exhibitions of antique cups and the history of chocolate. In the courtyard in summer there’s a rose garden with approximately 120 varieties of roses and tulips, and in winter the courtyard is illuminated with over 110,000 lights. With limited edition Shiroi Koibito parfaits and chocolate drinks that are only available here, SHIROI KOIBITO PARK is a great place to enjoy observing, eating and taking part. Why not come along?

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