Human activities also have ‘headstreams’

Sapporo is located in the alluvial fan formed by the Toyohira River. Toyohira River water irrigates the land, forms tributaries, and springs forth as mem that pass through the land. Mem is the Ainu word for the place where water springs forth.
The water vein that is the Toyohira River creates the foundation of the town and, like mem that spring forth in the town center, people who are now active in Sapporo may also be mem that spring from headstreams.

Like the appearance of the first drop of water that springs from a place far from the shore of the river down which it has flowed for so long, people’s activities also have water veins that flow from a headstream, and many mem are surely springing forth in Sapporo.

The passing of time changes the town, and the town’s changes influence the activities of the people. The people who live today become a water source and eventually appear as mem in Hokkaido.

Words by Ida Yukitaka
Translation by Xene Inc.

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