KAI vol.53

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Town management by Mitsui Fudosan

Together with Levanga Hokkaido – towards a mutually supportive society

Mitsui Fudosan Group is an official sponsor of Levanga Hokkaido. A public viewing event was held at the Akarenga Terrace on February 11, which was enjoyed by many fans. On March 2, we welcome the Saga Ballooners in a game presented by Mitsui Fudosan Group that will be held at Hokkai Kita yell.



The Muroran Main Line 130th anniversary commemorative train that’s creating links – ‘Not outside Hokkaido!?’ Railway Project

In 1892, the Muroran–Iwamizawa stretch of the Hokkaido Colliery and Railway Company’s railway line opened, and coal began to be transported to the port of Muroran from the coal-producing Sorachi region. Over 130 years have passed since then, and now new interactions are developing along the line and overseas.



Sweet Potatoes Grown in Yuni and Kuriyama

In Hokkaido, where potatoes are one of the main crops, two towns have banded together to grow sweet potatoes. The two towns are Yuni and Kuriyama in the Sorachi region. Let’s take a look at the ideas behind the brand name Yukkuri-imo.



Bringing the Joy of Agriculture to Children: Noen Group of Young Farmers in Nanporo

Noen was formed by young people who want to instill the idea that "farming is cool" in children. They are working to develop a new style of farming experiences and products.


Town management by Mitsui Fudosan


In 2024 too, SMILE RINK SAPPORO will be held at Akapla! Under the catchphrase, ‘Good luck comes to winters in which there is laughter,’ as with last year, a turret will be built in the center of the rink to create a world view that combines a skating rink and a Japanese festival. A new zone will also be established in which visitors can enjoy playing in the snow.



Local Vitalization Reform Starting from Co-working Space: Naganuma White Base

An effort to solve local issues by connecting Local Vitalization Cooperators and co-working spaces has begun in Naganuma.



Grafting and nurturing that lead to the abundance of fruit: Kuriyama Brick Warehouse Kurift

A brick warehouse once used to store onions and the like, stands on the south side of JR Kuriyama Station. In 2023, the brick warehouse opened with a new role.



Connecting young people and local residents: Iwamizawa Community Development Consortium

A movement is emerging in Iwamizawa to connect local residents and students in order to revitalize the city.


feature - prologue

The premonition and expectation that something is about to happen

The southern part of Sorachi is a triangular shaped area that lies between Iwamizawa, Sapporo and New Chitose Airport. ‘Connections’ and ‘links’ are currently developing in the towns there, where abundant agricultural landscapes unfold. We take a look at the people active in these towns, who have a premonition and expectation that something is about to happen.


Town management by Mitsui Fudosan

Creating an “endless forest” – The future of the “plant, nurture and use” cycle

Mitsui Fudosan is also a “forestry company” that owns approximately one thousandth of the total area of forestland in Hokkaido. In one of these forests, in the town of Biei, environmental training is held every year, mainly for young employees. The aim is to raise environmental awareness by experiencing the cycle of planting, nurturing and usage. The concept is to create an “endless forest.”