A different space with a special feeling

While driving, you may see signs for certain museums or archives. There are many kinds of museums in Sapporo, some public, some institutional, and some within universities. In addition to large, well-known museums, there are also many other museums that you should visit at least once.

These are places to learn about familiar items and systems, culture and art, history, industry, the land, and much more. These are also places where you can encounter works by artists you have never heard of before. Moreover, they can be places that give off a different vibe in the than downtown Sapporo.

Some museums are not very large in scale and it seems not many people visit local museums where they live because they are too close to their home. It would be nice if this could be a good opportunity for them to do so.

The exhibits and spaces are brimming with the thoughts and personalities of the people who created them, giving you a special feeling like you have gained something just by being there. This feature will take a look at these Profound Museums of Sapporo.

Words by Ida Yukitaka
Translation by Xene Inc.