Nemuro Strait – directly linked to the mornings of Japan

The salmon of Nemuro Strait have enthralled people throughout the ages. Human life, which has continued for over 10,000 years; the repeated clashes and exchanges of different cultures; the history of this land is interwoven with the abundant natural resource known as salmon. In the Edo period, salmon from the Nemuro Strait were offered to the Shogunate as a brand. In the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, an Aizu clansman focused his attention on this resource and began to sow the seeds of the fishing industry. And now, those seeds have grown into the key industry that connects the dinner tables of the whole of Japan. The coast of the Nemuro Strait is the most northeasterly part of Japan. This is a feature of the history and culture of the people who laughed and cried with the salmon, and the pride-filled “mecca of salmon”.