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The Vast Hokkaido University Cultural Area of Today

Hokkaido University, one of the largest and most beautiful universities in Japan, located north of Sapporo Station, was originally founded in 1876 as Sapporo Agricultural College. Later, the university became the Faculty of Agriculture of the Tohoku Imperial University and the Hokkaido Imperial University before becoming Hokkaido University in 1947. The people that have contributed to the university's history are as diverse as they are numerous.



Transformation from Terroir into a Neighborhood: Hokkaido University Marché Evolves and Becomes a Part of our Everyday Life

Small tents are lined up with vegetables of various colors on display. The shopkeepers speak passionately about their crops and the region, and the customers think about what to make for dinner tonight. Such a scene was a tradition at Hokkaido University every summer. We visited the current Hokkaido University Marché, which has evolved from an open-air market to a café, and then to an awards event, while expanding its reach in the neighborhood.


Town management by Mitsui Fudosan

Lazare Diamond Boutique Sapporo Akarenga Terrace Location

A new store opened on the 1st floor of the Akarenga Terrace on October 1st. This store is the Lazare Diamond Boutique, which offers engagement rings, wedding bands, and more. Lazare Diamond is a diamond brand from New York with over 100 years of history.


Town management by Mitsui Fudosan

Kizuna Project: Connecting People, Connecting Hokkaido

The Kizuna Project carrying out at Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima is a project started in order to support the producers and businesses as much as possible, that have suffered from COVID-19 and to school extracurricular activities that have lost their opportunities to make presentations in Hokkaido.


Town management by Mitsui Fudosan

Contributing Space and Atmosphere: Mitsui Garden Hotel Sapporo West

The Mitsui Garden Hotel Sapporo West is developing a plan through trial and error to see what kind of contributions the hotel can make amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


Town management by Mitsui Fudosan

Spring, Light, Cherry Blossoms and the Terrace 2021

Please enjoy a short visit to Akarenga Terrace with cherry blossoms someiyoshino.


Town management by Mitsui Fudosan

Akapla Illumination 2020-2021

The “Akapla Illumination 2020-2021” will be held at the Kita 3-jo Plaza (Akapla) in Sapporo from November 20th to March 14th. Tri-colored LEDs that express everchanging colors have been installed on Akapla’s row of ginkgo trees – the oldest roadside trees that exist in Hokkaido – creating an enjoyable light show that, this year, is also expressing gratitude to the healthcare workers on the frontline in the fight to stop the spread of the covid-19 virus.


Professionals from the north

From seeds, An Instant When the Air Transforms

Revealing the animal side of seeds "Seeds are not the same as dried flowers, which are dead. They're such charming things," says Sugita...


Town management by Mitsui Fudosan

Traiteur-Restaurant「P’tit Salé」

Located in the 1st floor of Akarenga Terrace, P’tit Salé is a casual French restaurant that takes pride in its Hokkaido ingredients, su...


Professionals from the north

Focusing on People , Not Just Stains

This specialist shop handles stains dry cleaners can't, and gets orders from all over Japan.