Winter 2019 issue, Vol.42

New Articles

Town management by Mitsui Fudosan

Spring, Light, Cherry Blossoms and the Terrace 2019

Spring has arrived at the Akarenga Terrace first-floor atrium, with the planting of Yoshino cherry-blossom trees. Come and experience the arrival of spring here.



Books and Community Development

Many volunteers meet at Eniwa Public Library, and small libraries are being created all around town.



Kano Bookstore’s challenge

Kano Bookstore is the realization of Kano Asuka’s dream of starting a bookstore. The challenges faced by her as the proprietor of a bookstore selling newly published books are the focus of attention.


Professionals from the north

Shaping Metal is not the Goal, but a Means of Communication

“I’m attracted to the material sense of metals, that seems to reject humanity and draws on the long story of time in the background,” Ms. Kawakami remarks. Why do metals exist in this world? I visited the creative site of an artist who questions things like a philosopher.



Hokkaido book-sharing activities

Forty percent of municipalities in Hokkaido do not have a bookstore; almost 50% do not have a public library, meaning there are children who cannot select books they want to read. Ten years ago, Hokkaido Book Sharing was established in a bid to change this environment.


The Secret to Noguchi Kanko's Popularity

An in-house fair in the form of a cookery contest

For many people, food is an important factor in the enjoyment of a trip. In the past, meals at Noguchi Kanko establishments did not enjoy a particularly favorable reputation but, by taking action to improve the food, the meals are now highly regarded. One of the secrets behind this is an in-house cookery contest.



A Book Store and Town Scenes

After moving out of a building on Sapporo’s main street with streetcar tracks, Adanonki made a new start. The style developed by shop owner, Ishiyama Atsuko took root and people began spending an enjoyable time with books.



The land in the memories of Mexicans of Japanese descent

Artist Hagino Miho, who was born in Muroran but resides in Mexico, has co-produced a piece of work comprising footage and photographs on the theme of immigrants of Japanese descent – a book in which the expressions of those immigrants and the words inherited from their forefathers are impressive.



The Activities of a Book Coordinator

Despite not being bookshops, the number of shops selling books is increasing. We spoke to Ozaki Mihoko about her activities as a book coordinator linking shops and books.


Professionals from the north

Experience to the South Pole would be beneficial for anyone

We heard the story of Nishimura Jun, who spent the winter at the Dome Fuji Station in the Antarctic, where even viruses can’t survive the harsh conditions.