Autumn 2017 issue, Vol.37

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The Wind Blowing through the University Orchard

Yoichi Orchard was established in 1912 in Yoichi Town in order to study fruit trees and for orchard management education. We visited this place where abundant fruit is still grown.



Everything started with the Gaertner farm

In the Western agriculture of Hokkaido, there is a fascinating history that came before Sapporo Agricultural College. The setting is Nanae Town, which is next to Hakodate.



Things that continue into the present

Sapporo Agricultural College Farm No. 2, which was created in 1876, was used until 1968 as the Hokkaido University Faculty of Agriculture's auxiliary farm No. 2. Let's delve a little further into the world of the farm, which is connected to the present.


Professionals from the north

It started from a promise to a boy who could not draw

Ito Tomoko started making crayons from flowers, trees and seashells 17 years ago as a result of a boy she met who said: “I’ve never drawn a colored picture” due to sensitivity to chemicals. It took her the next ten years to produce the first crayon.



“The Agricultural College Farm” was opened by Dr. Clark, the first vice principal of Sapporo Agricultural College

Sapporo Agricultural College Farm No. 2 is located at the north end of Hokkaido University campus. The Japanese elm trees are more than 150 years old and barns built in the Meiji era are still preserved here. Take a walk through this historical stage which is the birthplace of livestock farming in Hokkaido.


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Let’s Visit the Time of William S. Clark

Many people have heard of the name of William S. Clark, but few are familiar with the “Sapporo Agricultural College Farm No. 2” for which he took the lead to establish. Today, a new movement is occurring at this farming facility.


Professionals from the north

Experiencing the ultimate has shown me a new path

Four years ago, Sugawara Masashige returned to Hokkaido, bringing his experience serving as the assistant master carpenter for the outer shrine work during the shikinen sengu (transfer of the shrine deity to a new building after a preordained number of years) at Ise Jingu Shrine. Utilizing the traditional techniques which he has learned, he now aims to create new architectural spaces that perfectly fit with the style and beauty of the Tokachi region.


The Latest News from ISHIYA

Namara Butter Baum TSUMUGI

“Namara Butter Baum TSUMUGI” is a Baumkuchen-style cake brimming with the flavor of Hokkaido, on sale from September 14, 2017.


Professionals from the north

Yoichi’s environment is perfect for creating my favorite sparkling wines

Two years ago, a wine importer from California visited Yoichi. “This wine will evolve beautifully over time. This is the one!” remarked the importer, who had tasted wines throughout Japan before deciding on Rita Farm.


The Latest News from ISHIYA

Shiroi Koibito White Chocolate Pudding

A rich pudding mixed with Shiroi Koibito White Chocolate. It should be one of your souvenirs.