The concept behind KAI

KAI profile

KAI is an online magazine run by Northerncross Co., Ltd. KAI began as a quarterly magazine in October 2008 and published 30 issues, but in April 2016 it became an online magazine. It is published with the goals of investigating the appealing points of Hokkaido and communicating the value genuine items.

The derivation of the name KAI

"KAI" is derived from the name Hokkaido. Hokkaido was named by Takeshiro Matsuura, an explorer of the Edo Period. The name originated when Ainu living on the banks of the Teshio River taught him that "kai" means a person born in that place. Also, we are told the Greek letter χ is read as "kai" and it also has the meaning of an opportunity to meet and interact with people.

When KAI is updated

Content such as feature articles and "The Towns of Hokkaido" are updated about every three months. Basically, at 10 a.m. every Wednesday, some features and/or serialized stories will be posted. After the site is updated with new content, content from previous issues will be available in the archive, linked from the bottom of the home page.

Main content

Home page : Table of contents for the latest issue. The table of contents contains links to each article.
Feature articles : Change every three months.
The Towns of Hokkaido : One town is featured every three months.
Series : Updated irregularly on Wednesdays
Partners : Pages by partners supporting KAI
KAI English version : See "The English version of KAI"
Archive : When you click on the icon that looks like a row of books, you will be taken to the archive page for that item and you can read past issues.

About feature articles

Feature articles change every three months. With each issue, we will tell you about the merits and attractions of Hokkaido.

The latest information

The headline for an article includes the posting date.

Looking at the archive

In the archive, you can see links to special reports, series and the like. Find the archive by looking for the "Archive" icon at the bottom of the home page.

The English version of KAI

We have an English site centered on feature articles and "The towns of Hokkaido" feature. Some content will be unique to the English version.

Follow KAI on social networks

We will provide information about updates through our English Twitter account. On Instagram, we will mainly post photos. We also have a Japanese-language Facebook page and Twitter account.

Handling of personal information

Personal information such as names, addresses and email addresses will not be used for purposes other than those of KAI. Personal information will not be given to a third party except with the permission of the person in question, based on laws and ordinances or when there is another justifiable reason.
When personal information is entrusted externally, such as to a shipper, we will select a suitable party and enter into a contract with that party related to the protection of personal information.

Linking to this site

This site may be linked to freely.

Copyright and trademarks

The articles and pictures on this site are all the works of creators. The copyrights on them are held by this company or the creator and protected by Japanese law. You may not reproduce and publish the articles and pictures on this site, nor distribute them, in whole or in part, without permission.


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Contacting us

We accept inquiries by email. Email us at kai-mail@northerncross.co.jp. However, be aware that the staff of our operating company will respond to email, and communication in English may not always be smooth.

Operating company

Our operating company, Northerncross Co., Ltd., is a Hokkaido community development company. It is creating KAI projects, central among which is this online magazine KAI, which clear the way for the potential growth and possibilities of Hokkaido by digging up valuable things, matters and people in the prefecture and connecting them to markets that seek that value in Japan and abroad.