Hokkaido's sweet souvenirs recommended by a food writer

Introducing a food writer's favorite sweet gifts from Hokkaido that are perfect for giving
Words by Sonoko Fukae, food writer
Translation by Xene Inc.

Salted adzuki bean tart (Photograph courtesy of Morita Farm)

Hokkaido's confectionery has an appeal that differs from that of famous confections with long histories. Here we introduce relatively new creations that always leave the recipient wanting more.

Snaffle's "Cheese Omelette"

Cheese Omelette

There are many rival cheesecakes, but when it comes to the texture, this one stands out from the rest. The previous-generation proprietor helped French-style confectionery become well and truly established in Hakodate.

Kitami, Seigetsu "Akai Sairo"

"Akai Sairo" (Photograph courtesy of Seigetsu)

Established 80 years ago, this confectionery shop has a somewhat nostalgic feel and taste. Almost all the ingredients, such as milk, butter, condensed milk, flour and the like are produced locally; a reminder of the abundance of the Okhotsk region.

Tokachi Shimizu, Morita Farm "Black Soybean Cake"/"Salted adzuki bean tart"

Black Soybean Cake(Photograph courtesy of Morita Farm)

A variety that is cut while frozen and then thawed. The cake has a roasted black soybean aroma; the tart is topped with slightly-salted adzuki beans.

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