Kamikawa, a Town of "Hospitality"

Kami Ranger is here!

Tamikawa Town Information Journal “Kamikawa Sanpo”

“Kamikki” the mascot of Kamikawa Town, is a loving character and shares happiness with all the people in the town. But he is shy, so the “Town Development Kami Rangers” give him support.
Words by Mori Yuka
Photographs by Ito Rumiko
Translation by Xene Inc.

“Kamikki” is very active!

“Kamikki”, the mascot of Kamikawa Town, was born in 2014. Kamikki is happy. Because the town residents voiced their desire to “give Kamikki a more active role in the town.”

Yamakawa Masae, Tatsumi Keiko, and Miyamoto Erika have been involved from the start. Ms. Tatsumi, who is good at design, first devised Kamikki. Next, ideas to utilize Kamikki in town revitalization slowly developed.


Yamakawa Masae (left), representative of Kami Ranger, and Tatsumi Keiko who designed Kamikki (photo provided by : Kami Ranger)

The town office accepted the proposal from these three people. Then, 20 people accepted the invitation to “discover attractions of the town with Kamikki!” and formed the “Town Development Kami Rangers.” Their main activity is to produce and distribute the “Kamikawa Sanpo” information journal. Collecting information, photo shooting, article development and design, and printing are carried out by the members. Kamikawa Sanpo is a A5 size, free paper, but contains significant contents that are carefully prepared.


Information gathering for Kamikawa Sanpo. People in town are very cooperative.


The Kamikki necktie and pin badge are very popular!

Seeking to be a town loved by the residents

Miyamoto Erika moved to Kamikawa Town in 2013 and is involved in organizing the Kami Rangers. Her husband Yoshitomo was invited by Chef Mikuni to be a cook at “Fratello Di Mikuni.”

“We came here but didn’t expect to be easily accepted” they said. “But everyone welcomed us and thanked us for coming. We think living in this town is the best in Japan for couples who both work.”


Miyamoto Erika, works at the Kami Rangers Office

Production of Vol. 7 of Kamikawa Sanpo is now underway. Kami Ranger members have increased to 27 people. Members share ideas to reactivate the town.


The Kamikki contest with many craftworks by the town residents

“Kamikawa Sanpo”

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