Towns created by people and the forest

One large river flows north and another flows south.
The Teshiogawa and Ishikarigawa.
There are two unique towns in the upper river basins of these two giant water systems that form Hokkaido. Both are relatively unknown in most of Japan, and are called Shimokawa and Kamikawa towns.

These two towns have been created from the forest and the land, and were formed by different water systems on a grand scale, as characteristic of Hokkaido.
KAI will consider the characteristics and points in common between these two towns. We hope to see things that are moving society from deep within.

As a network is be connected to open these areas from the deep to those on the outside, changes will occur strongly and flexibly through self-motivation and new technologies. The value of activities that many people are trying to re-learn, such as things in common, sharing, and inclusion, can be seen from these areas.

Words by Taniguchi Masaharu
Photograph by Tsuyuguchi Keiji
Translation by Xene Inc.