Delectable Cheese Baumkuchen TSUMUGI

We have blended our signature Shiroi Koibito white chocolate into baumkuchen cake batter to create the "Shiroi Baum", which we have combined with Hokkaido natural cheese. Each moist, toothsome bite fills your mouth with the rich fragrance of cheese.

Available from October 1st (1,296 yen tax inclusive)
This is a sister product to our popular "Shiroi Baum TSUMUGI".

Available at these stores: Shiroi Koibito Park Shop Piccadilly, Sapporo Odori Nishi 4 Building Ishiya Shop, Daimaru Sapporo Ishiya Shop, Esta Food Park Ishiya Shop, Sapporo Tokyu Department Store Ishiya Shop, Sapporo Mitsukoshi Ishiya Shop, Marui Imai Sapporo Ishiya Shop, Ishiya Online Shop, other souvenir shops and airport gift shops throughout Hokkaido


At SHIROI KOIBITO PARK, visitors can not only observe the manufacturing process of SHIROI KOIBITO confectionery, but they can also take part in hands-on confectionery making activities and see exhibitions of antique cups and the history of chocolate. In the courtyard in summer there’s a rose garden with approximately 200 varieties of roses and tulips, and in winter the courtyard is illuminated with over 110,000 lights. With limited edition Shiroi Koibito parfaits and chocolate drinks that are only available here, SHIROI KOIBITO PARK is a great place to enjoy observing, eating and taking part. Why not come along?
※Due to renewal construction, there are some stores that are closed. Please check the website for details.

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