The Shiribeshi

Shiribeshi area, which lies on the southern side of Sapporo, roughly has three features. Coastal towns, inland towns, and Otaru, formerly a great financial district, as the gateway to Hokkaido and a commercial city.
The coastal towns once prospered from herring fishing. The inland towns primarily engage in farming mainly at the foot of Mount Yotei, which is called also “Ezo Fuji.” All the towns have completely different histories and cultures even though in the same Shiribeshi. Today, future community development based on the towns’ memories of their prosperity through herring fishing in the old days is proceeding in Shiribeshi especially in the coastal towns.
Otaru University of Commerce in Otaru is an elite university which has produced many business leaders. And now, the University is under the slogan “developing human resources which can contribute to the progress of the local economy from a global perspective (glocal human resources).” The setting of the story is also in Shiribeshi.