The Shiribeshi

Shiribeshi area, which lies on the southern side of Sapporo, roughly has three features. Coastal towns, inland towns, and Otaru, formerly a great financial district, as the gateway to Hokkaido and a commercial city.


The aims of Otaru University of Commerce

We spoke to Professor Takano Hiroyasu, who carries out research that can connect the history and memories of the Shiribeshi region with the present, using “glocal” as the key word.


Suttu Town, where a local historian lived

An employee of the Meteorological Agency who lived in the town of Suttu, turned to researching and writing about the local history when the meteorological observatory closed down.


Memories of Herring

The Bikuni district of Shakotan Town thrived on herring fishing from the Meiji Period (1868-1912), and even now the old banya (fishermen’s hut) remains.


Sowing Seeds for the Future

Kamoenai Village on the western side of Shakotan Peninsula. Sharing the local attractiveness of a village of 867 people.


Gazing over Suttu from Utasutsu

Two old houses in the Utasutsu area of Suttu Town were the homes of the owner of a fishing ground and a merchant family. The houses are no longer found in other areas, and are under research and restoration.


The Diversity of Agriculture

In the village of Makkari, a farmer produces rarely-seen western vegetables. We spoke to Mr.Mino Shinji of Farm Mino to learn why he decided to pursue these unusual crops.