The Foundation Of The Town And Beyond

Town development. Although we use this word casually in our daily lives, it is difficult to convey its meaning and impression to others.
The term town development is used not only for public projects but also for various different activities of citizens, and its meaning changes significantly depending on the occasion.

While town development can have a familiar feeling, there are many people that may feel that the first step towards taking individual action is out of reach.
Those who engage in town development activities may only be trying to provide solutions to some of the issues and problems that they face.

In this feature, we went to different places in Hokkaido to talk to people who are active as citizens, linking the local area with its residents.

What will change as a result of the actions of an individual, what new value will be created between the town and the people, and how will this development expand?

Words by Ida Yukitaka
Translation by Xene Inc.

* Due to COVID-19, we were unable to carry out our normal activities and we couldn’t put out articles for a while.