The Foundation Of The Town And Beyond

The term town development is one of those words that we use casually, but it is difficult to convey its meaning and ideas to others. What changes will occur when someone takes action, what new values and networks will be created in the town and among the people, and how will this development unfold?


Ebetsu Second Project: Sharing Joy In A Free And Fun Way!

The Ebetsu Second Project showcases the charms of Ebetsu in a variety of ways. The activities of citizens passionate about Ebetsu create a free and joyful atmosphere in the city.


Asahikawa Machinaka Bunkagoya, Creating A Recycling-Oriented Community

The Machinaka Bunkagoya is located in Asahikawa's Kaimono Koen. What great energy is hidden in this small building?


TOKOMURO Lab's Attempt To Turn A Former School Into Center Of Interaction Between The Town And Its People

Urahoro has launched a series of unique businesses based on education, leading to the establishment of startups and cooperative enterprises. The base for this initiative is the TOKOMURO Lab.


Thinking About The Future Of Otaru From Warehouse No. 3

A group has emerged in Otaru, one of Hokkaido's most popular tourist destinations, to consider the use of its buildings. Naturally connected urban development.


Expanding The Possibilities Of Education And Community Development At Manabimakurisha

We spoke with Hayashi Masahiro, president of Sapporo Manabimakurisha, a group that connects the thoughts of high school students to local issues and considers urban development.


Bringing More Laughter To Kushiro: Kusuro Changing The Way We Look At Kushiro

Kusuro's motto is "joking around in a serious manner". Let's take a look at who these people are, as they tackle Kushiro's problems with a unique perspective.


Who Is Community Development For? nociw*, Working In Hokkaido's Smallest Village

A group of young people are garnering attention for their community development efforts in Otoineppu, the least populated village in Hokkaido.


What Is The Role Of A Real Mall As Opposed To A Virtual One? Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima's Search For Community Development

Outlet malls are generally located at a distance from urban centers. They are often detached from the local community and regarded as theme parks or tourist spots. When taking this into account, Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima, which is packed with mainly local customers, is a little different. We looked into the secrets of this community-based outlet mall.