The Vast Hokkaido University Cultural Area of Today

Hokkaido University, one of the largest and most beautiful universities in Japan, located north of Sapporo Station, was originally founded in 1876 as Sapporo Agricultural College. Later, the university became the Faculty of Agriculture of the Tohoku Imperial University and the Hokkaido Imperial University before becoming Hokkaido University in 1947. The people that have contributed to the university's history are as diverse as they are numerous.
In addition to turning out talented people, Hokkaido University has formed a vast cultural area, both physically and emotionally, on the north side of Sapporo Station, called the Hokkaido University Neighborhood. The thoughts of the students who have left here including those on politics, business, culture, art, education, sports, and more, are linked to the thoughts of the people of the city breathing life into Sapporo. It seems that these thoughts constitute the base of the cultural sphere of Hokkaido University.
In the first feature of 2022, we will showcase the current state of the Hokkaido University Neighborhood, where land, history, and people are interwoven, including the current state of the Hokkaido University Marché, where tents line the campus, the Hiroshima Okonomiyaki restaurant opened next to the university by alumni, the story of the famous Keiteki Dormitory song, a student hangout, the story of the first female student at Hokkaido University, and more.

Words by Ida Yukitaka
Translation by Xene Inc.