The Vast Hokkaido University Cultural Area of Today

Hokkaido University, one of the largest and most beautiful universities in Japan, located north of Sapporo Station, was originally founded in 1876 as Sapporo Agricultural College. Later, the university became the Faculty of Agriculture of the Tohoku Imperial University and the Hokkaido Imperial University before becoming Hokkaido University in 1947. The people that have contributed to the university's history are as diverse as they are numerous.


Transformation from Terroir into a Neighborhood: Hokkaido University Marché Evolves and Becomes a Part of our Everyday Life

Small tents are lined up with vegetables of various colors on display. The shopkeepers speak passionately about their crops and the region, and the customers think about what to make for dinner tonight. Such a scene was a tradition at Hokkaido University every summer. We visited the current Hokkaido University Marché, which has evolved from an open-air market to a café, and then to an awards event, while expanding its reach in the neighborhood.


Making Personal Connections through the Teppanyaki Iron Griddle: Okonomiyaki Marokichi

There is an okonomiyaki restaurant on the corner where Hokudai Dori and Kanjo Dori intersect. Why did this former high school teacher, who was born in Hiroshima Prefecture and graduated from Hokkaido University, choose to serve the taste of his hometown right in front of his alma mater?


The Secret of the Hokkaido University Dormitory Songs

“Miyakozo Yayoi” is a famous dormitory song of the Hokkaido University's student dormitory, Keiteki Dormitory. The song has been sung for more than 100 years. However, new dormitory songs are written every year, and now there are nearly 130 songs.


The hope is that this place becomes a sample of a society that provides peace of mind – the UNTAPPED HOSTEL approach

As a guesthouse that opened in 2014, UNTAPPED HOSTEL has welcomed many travelers from Japan and overseas, but what has it started doing during the COVID pandemic?


Kato Sechi, the First Female Student at Hokkaido University

How did Kato Sechi, who was born at a time when women were not allowed to study at the Imperial University, open the doors of Hokkaido University and pursue a career as a scientist?


Memories of Hokkaido University’s South Gate Area

A western-style house, built in 1903, is located a 3-minute walk from the South Gate of Hokkaido University. It was built as a residence by a doctor of engineering from Sapporo Agricultural College. In 1919, Abe Unohachi, one of the founding members of Hokkai Shimbun newspaper, moved into the house. Descendants of the Abe family still live there today.


Now and Then at Geshuku Ueno, a Boarding House Still Going Strong

Located next to Hokkaido University, “Geshuku Ueno” has been home to many students over the years. Carrying on the business from his grandparents and mother, third-generation manager, Yamashita Masashi, tells us of his philosophy to support students “with food and shelter”.