Two years ago marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of NOGUCHI KANKO, the developer and operator of a number of popular resort hotels. We talked to the company's CEO Hideo Noguchi about the secret to its popularity.
Part 2
【Three product lines】

A lineup to satisfy any guest

After our company was founded, we established three lines of reasonably priced hot spring hotels based on the slogans "better things at better prices" and "service that touches the heart."

Later, after I became the second president of the company, we opened Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu Ryokan as a high-quality, high-satisfaction inn. It earned a good reputation among foreign guests as well as Japanese, and we succeeded in being accepted in a new market.

We are now deploying our "Kaze" series, which targets the upper middle class market — located between "reasonable" and "high quality, high-satisfaction." The three ryokan known as Nonokaze in the Lake Toya Area, Midorinokaze in KitaYuzawa, Date; and Uminokaze in Hakodate, have been well-received.

We have assembled a lineup that allows us to offer suitable travel products to all guests based on our three categories. We presume to say that whichever of our hotels you use you will be experience a degree of satisfaction that more than makes up for the price.


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