Two years ago marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of NOGUCHI KANKO, the developer and operator of a number of popular resort hotels. We talked to the company's CEO Hideo Noguchi about the secret to its popularity.
Part 4
【Education and Development of Personnel】


In April 2018, NOGUCHI KANKO HOTEL PROFESSIONAL GAKUIN will open. This school was established in the hope of contributing to the education and development of personnel working in hotels in Hokkaido.

The rate of turnover of personnel in the hotel industry is high.
We believe that hotels are interesting and rewarding workplaces. When employees quit several years after entering the company, it is difficult for the management as well as a loss for the Hokkaido tourism industry as a whole.

We believe that by creating a corporate vocational training school to train hotel workers, allowing them to discover the pleasure of hotel work over a two-year period before proceeding to practice the skills on site, the trainee, the company and the industry itself will all benefit.

The 32 first-year trainees have passed. The students are also employees who will be paid a salary and are not obliged to enter this company after graduating.

We believe the personnel who have graduated from the school will be able to contribute to Hokkaido’s tourism industry. It will be possible to train lifelong hotel personnel. We look forward to the future.

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