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Hokkaido's Soul Food, “Genghis Khan”

By Ayaka Tsutsumi
PUBLISHED June 15, 2016


Sapporo-style Genghis Khan. Photograph by Tasuku Hagi.

If you ask me about Hokkaido soul food, I would reply “Genghis Khan” without a moment's hesitation.

Genghis Khan is a dish of meat such as lamb or mutton grilled with vegetables on a particularly shaped iron plate. This dish is popular in Hokkaido any time of the year -- even during the “hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) season, you’re likely to spot a Genghis Khan party held beneath the springtime flowers. Where I was raised in Sapporo, it’s common to dip the grilled meat and vegetables into a special sauce.

Even within the same prefecture of Hokkaido, there are various styles of this dish. According to my colleague from the Sorachi District, Genghis Khan should be marinated in the sauce before grilling. And Nayoro, a city in northern Hokkaido, is well known for its style of simmered Genghis Khan. When you visit Hokkaido and make acquaintance with the locals, why not ask them to recommend their favorite Genghis Khan restaurant?

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