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Smooth skin care at a hot spring surrounded by nature

By Wakako Miyanaga
PUBLISHED October 12, 2016
Soak in the open air bath, and embrace in the nature.

Soak in the open air bath, and embrace in the nature.

Approximately one hour by car from downtown Sapporo is Hoheikyo Onsen, a hot spring (without overnight accommodation) known for its location and spring water that helps keep the skin beautifully smooth.

Relax in the large outdoor bath with a sense of freedom amid the natural surroundings. The constant supply of uncirculated hot water comes direct from the source, keeping the bathtub brimming with pure, good-quality spring water.

The temperature of the water at Hoheikyo Onsen’s source is approximately 51 degrees. As this is too hot to bathe in, the temperature in the bathtub is controlled by a skilled hot-spring professional who adjusts the amount of water that flows into the tub. The outdoor bathtub is in constant contact with the fresh air, meaning the temperature drops with time. The amount of hot water that flows into the bathtub is increased to raise the temperature, and reduced to lower it. When the person responsible for regulating the flow of hot water can judge the amount of flow by the noise from the pipe, that person can be said to be a hot-spring professional.

When introducing this hot spring, the Indian curry served at the adjoining restaurant is also recommended. Enjoy a hot-spring bath and genuine curry prepared by staff members from India.

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