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Office Building B1 Cuisine

By Yukitaka Ida
PUBLISHED December 21, 2016

In recent years, "B-grade cuisine" has become popular throughout Japan. B-grade cuisine may not be the highest-grade A-rank cuisine, but is popular food that is loved by the people of that particular region. The “B” in B-grade also stands for brand, with many dishes designed to create brands in order to promote locally produced foodstuffs. Every year a "B-1 Grand Prix" is held in which regions enter their local dishes in a competition to determine the most popular.
However, the theme this time is not B-1 but B1; that is, restaurants, eateries and other establishments found in the basements (B) of large buildings.
Downtown districts of large cities like Sapporo often have office buildings with restaurants and eateries in the basements, where office workers eat lunch and gather after work. From coffee shops to ramen restaurants, curry shops and izakaya taverns – the tastes are varied, but more you search, the more interesting and appealing establishments you'll find.
Many establishments offer lunches and some have been in business for dozens of years.
Sapporo's office workers will surely have their own favorites to recommend. Why not search for some B1 cuisine that suits your taste?

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