A town that neighbors the city center

Sosei River, once called "Otomo-bori", is a manmade river which played a major role in the development of Sapporo. The river is diverted from Toyohira River, which is a tributary of Hokkaido’s representative river, the Ishikari. Sosei River flows north and south through the city center, dividing central Sapporo into east and west sides.
Sosei Higashi is located between the Sosei and Toyohira Rivers. The area retains a downtown atmosphere even though it neighbors the city center. For a while the population was declining, but with recent apartment developments, the population has made a V-shaped turnaround.

We would like to feature an article on Sosei Higashima of today, which played a significant role in the development of Hokkaido and Sapporo.

Words by Yukitaka Ida
Translation by Xene Inc.