Human activities also have ‘headstreams’

Like the river flow that springs forth from a place far from the shore, people’s lives also have headstreams and springs.


Architecture that continues to think – 1

Igarashi Jun is an architect that continues to design mainly residences in Saroma and Sapporo. The interviewer is urban planner Sakai Shuji. This is a conversation between the two, who have known each other for quite some time.


Architecture that continues to think – 2

How does Igarashi face up to Hokkaido’s identity and scenery? With regard to the creation of human resources, Igarashi – who continues to make progress while thinking – has a definite water vein.


Japanese-style paintings originating in Sapporo – from Honma Kansai to the present

Honma Kansai was a purveyor of Hokkaido’s Japanese-style paintings in Sapporo during the early part of the Showa period (late 1920s and early ‘30s). The activities of a group of artists, mainly based in Sapporo, who began the ‘Evocative Japanese-style Painting’ exhibition in 2013. We trace the history that leads to the present day.


Cinema! In the city

Kinomado screens various images in unusual places, such as historical structures and hotel bars. Its representative, Taguchi Ryo was very much inspired by Sapporo’s mini theater, ‘Theater Kino’.


To a place where Sapporo and the art of right now meet

Located in Naebo in Sapporo, the Naebono Art Studio is a shared studio where Sapporo based contemporary artists gather. New water veins in the Sapporo art scene continue to be created from Naebo.


The Backbone of Japanese Manufacturing

There is a company that continues to provide support for Japanese manufacturing just east of the Sosei River in Sapporo, the birthplace of Hokkaido's industry.