A different space with a special feeling

Museums are a place to learn, a place to make new encounters, and a place to experience something different. The exhibits and spaces are brimming with the thoughts and personalities of the people who created them, giving you a special feeling like you have gained something just by being there. These are pleasant destinations for a half-day weekend getaway. This feature will take a look at these Profound Museums of Sapporo.


Searching for the Secret to Great Tasting Water: Sapporo Waterworks Museum

This slightly mysterious museum focuses on infrastructure related to our daily lives. The first volume of this series introduces a museum on waterworks, which are essential for life.


Explore the Secrets Beneath You: Sapporo Sewerage Science Museum

This is the second installment of our fascinating infrastructure-themed museums. This time we will look at a museum dedicated to sewerage systems, which are indispensable in our everyday lives.


When a Lamp Shines: Sapporo Museum of Imaging Equipment

This private museum was created to collect analog video equipment with a certain tangible feel in the age of digital technology.


Originality in Exhibition Methods and Planning: HOKUBU Memorial Picture Museum

The HOKUBU Memorial Picture Museum, tucked away in a residential area, always holds unique exhibitions, and the first exhibition of 2023 is "The Wonderful World of Legs". Let’s take a look at who is setting up this exhibition.


Hokkaido as Seen from Makomanai Garrison Museum

A museum that tells the history of Makomanai, Sapporo along with the history of the Self-Defense Forces is located at Camp Makomanai of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.


40 years after his death, meet Terayama Shuji when he was still unknown – the Shuji Terayama Museum, Sapporo

It has been 40 years since Terayama Shuji – who was active in many fields, including haiku, tanka, poetry, novels and plays, and also as a theater company leader, film direction, lyricist and horseracing critic – passed away at the young age of 47. A museum of his activities is located in Sapporo.


Sapporo International University Museum – a full-scale university museum with extensive materials, run by students

Some universities in Sapporo have their own museums or exhibition halls. Most of them serve as facilities for practical training for curatorial qualifications and for the study and research of buried cultural properties excavated and collected by the university, and can be visited by the general public. The first in our tour of university museums is the Sapporo International University Museum.


A Community Memory Device Linking to the Next 100 Years: Sapporo University Exhibition Hall for Archaeological Properties

The second stop on our tour of university museums is the Sapporo University Exhibition Hall of Archaeological Properties. This spring, it will be relocated and renovated, becoming the Exhibition Hall of Historical and Cultural Properties.


Excavating a huge archaeological site in Sapporo – Hokkaido University: Hokkaido University Archaeological Research Center

The last stop on our tour of university museums is the Hokkaido University Archaeological Research Center. The Hokkaido University campus can almost be said to be an archaeological site itself. There are very few such examples in the whole of Japan.


Learning about life from the pioneer days – the Old Kuroiwa Residence (Former Misumai Tsukoya [travelers’ lodge])

In 1872, a year after the completion of the Honganji Road leading from Sapporo to Usu via Jozankei, a tsukoya was built in Misumai, for travelers passing through.


The world of unique museum goods

We would like to add ‘museum goods’ as an enjoyable part of our tour around the museums. Here’s an invitation from a museum-goods enthusiast to learn more about the unique goods available.