What's new and interesting at KAI?

As Hokkaido's tourism industry grows, there are a number of issues, such as support for multiple languages. However, I think it would be interesting if there were many bus tours sold in each region of Hokkaido, marketed as appealing 'optional tours'.


Tell Me, Bus Tour Guide

How to enjoy bus tours

If you search “Hokkaido, bus tours” on the Internet, so many websites will come up. We asked Ota Yoichi, an experienced tour guide, for some tips on how to enjoy a bus tour.


A story that begins with a bus

Hanako (not her real name), is a bus tour guide in Sapporo. We interviewed this tour guide specialist who even travels throughout Hokkaido on her own time, about bus tours.


"Tour development personnel" roundtable discussion

"Tour development personnel" roundtable discussion(1)



"Tour development personnel" roundtable discussion(2)



Side stories

Masao Mimatsu, an explorer with knowledge on the origins of Toya tourism

My first experience with a bus tour was an elementary school field trip. Let me re-trace my memories of the trip. It can be called a trip to learn about Hokkaido again. Guided by these thoughts, I walked around Lake Toya.


Volcano Bay starting on a 350-year voyage

Mt. Usu is located south of Lake Toya. In the 17th Century, this mountain awoke from thousands of years of sleep and violently erupted. Acting in concert, many other volcanoes around Volcano Bay repeatedly displayed violent activities during this period.


From Jomon to the Ainu, down to modern times- Walking on the cutting edge of Hokkaido’s history.

Date City, with its view of Volcano Bay, is named after the Date clan of the Sendai Domain. However, by reviewing the origins of the land and its prehistory in thousand-year units, the interesting history of this city can be seen.


School excursion after 50 years(4)