SAPPORO Flower Carpet 2016 / The event in June 2016 (Photographs by Harebare photograph)

SAPPORO Flower Carpet 2017 will be held over a 4-day period from Thursday, June 22th to Sunday, June 25th at Sapporo Kita 3-jo Plaza (hereafter referred to as Akapla).
Flower Carpet is a biennial event that is held in the Belgian capital of Brussels, in which a large picture is created using flower petals and other natural materials.
This will be the 4th time the event has been held in Sapporo since 2014.

Each year, over 500 volunteers made up of local residents and people from neighboring regions create a colorful tapestry by covering the plaza with the petals of flowers like roses, carnations and the like, attracting large numbers of people.
The Flower Carpet is held thanks to the support of countless volunteers – both individual and from organizations. The floodlit nighttime event, which unfortunately could not be held last year, will hopefully return again this year with the help of everyone’s support in the form of crowdfunding*.
For further details, please visit the website below. Thank you for your kind support.

*Crowdfunding: a method of conveying a project via an Internet site, and procuring funds from far and wide from interested parties.

About crowdfunding (only in Japanese):
Official Website (volunteer recruitment and sponsorship):
Volunteers can apply via the following contact:
Sapporo call center, TEL. 011-222-4894 FAX. 011-221-4894
Inquiries regarding the project:
Sapporo Ekimae Street area management co.
TEL. 011-211-6406 (weekdays 9:00–17:00)

【SAPPORO Flower Carpet 2017】

June 22th (Thu.) to 22th (Sun.), 2017. *Carpet to be created on 22th (Thu.)
*This event has ended.
*In case of adverse weather conditions, the production period may be extended to June 23 (Fri.)
Sapporo Kita 3-jo Plaza (Akapla), Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Walkway (Chikaho)
Creation of a picture using Hokkaido flowers and other natural materials, with the help of the general public
Design theme:” *2014 theme: “Belgium,” 2015 theme: “Peace”, 2016 theme: “The sun and the northern land
The design theme for 2017: “The Land of Kamuy – nonno-pirka”
*2014 theme: “Belgium,” 2015 theme: “Peace”, 2016 theme: “The sun and the northern land”

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