Have you ever heard of the Kizuna Project carrying out at Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima?
This project has started in order to support the producers who suffered from COVID-19 in Hokkaido.
As the world continues to experience turmoil, producers and businesses in Hokkaido are suffering terribly, and school extracurricular activities are also losing their opportunities to present what they have practiced so hard for.
Under these circumstances the Kizuna Project was born from the idea of what Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima could do to give a helping hand. The project includes a fair featuring delicious foods all over Hokkaido, school presentations and exhibitions, and many other projects that are sure to please visitors.

Logo mark depicting the purpose of the project

However, the facility managers alone faced some issues such as networking with producers and businesses in various regions. Therefore the managers asked cooperation to the tenants in this facility and utilized their network to promote the project.
Hokkaido Loco Farm Village is the main partner of the fair which features a collection of great tasting foods. This is a large market on the first floor of Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima, based on the concept of “a place with all the great tasting foods in Hokkaido.” At first sight, Hokkaido Loco Farm Village looks different in kind with the vegetables harvested in the morning, lined up on the front in this mall in a row of famous brands all over the world. However, you will understand why when looking at it from the perspective of promoting the brand of food powerhouse, Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Loco Farm Village gathers the best delicacies in Hokkaido, also expands its own brand. The sea urchin soy sauce is a very popular item, which won the Grand Prix at the 2019 Seasoning Championship on its first attempt.

When Izumi Akira, general manager of Hokkaido Loco Farm Village heard about Kizuna Project he said, “I felt we should definitely do it. Just like other industries, the producers and business clients are in a difficult situation due to the spread of COVID-19. Nothing can be done by one person or one company but if we work together in this huge mall, the situation may not return to the original state completely but can improve even if only a little.”
Last summer, utilizing the network of Loco Farm Village the “Tabete Oen! Hokkaido Local Food Delicacies Marche” was held as the first phase of the Kizuna Project, gathering delicious local products from Kitahiroshima, Otaru, Yubari, Asahikawa and so on. After this, the Kizuna Project has been carried out once a month. There are some voices, “We want to participate” from various areas in Hokkaido. It is also very appealing for visitors, as they can see products they wouldn’t normally see.

The first phase of Kizuna Project, the “Tabete Oen! Hokkaido Local Food Delicacies Marche” was held in July, 2020.

In addition, there were other events during the fair period such as a concert by the brass band of a neighboring high school which had lost its opportunities of performing, to create a synergistic effect by allowing many people to listen to the results of their hard work. Moreover, collaboration with Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters which will move their home to Kitahiroshima in 2023, a panel exhibition of a comic book set in Kitahiroshima and other events have produced great results when combined with the appeal of the foods in Hokkaido.
Takahashi Kazumasa, coordinator of this project at Loco Farm Village says, “Of course there are difficulties in coordinating with other regions, but it is really worthwhile getting to know people who I have never met before, working towards the same goal and making the visitors happy.”
The Kinzuna Project will continue to move forward, connecting the local community and the people in Hokkaido.

The Kizuna Project is carried out in partnership with tenant companies. From left to right: Matsuda Takafumi, in charge of the project at Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management. Takahashi Kazumasa, who is working hard as the coordinator at Loco Farm Village. Izumi Akira, director and general manager.

<Some past themes>

  • Hokkaido Kizuna Project Phase 1: Tabete Oen! Hokkaido Local Food Delicacies Marche
  • Hokkaido Kizuna Project Phase 4: Kita Sake Festival in Mitsui Outlet Park Sapporo Kitahiroshima
  • Hokkaido Kizuna Project Phase 12: NATURE LEARNING

<Future events>

  • Hokkaido Kizuna Project Phase 16: Tabete Oen! Autumn Harvest Festival (Oct 8-10, Oct 15-17)

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