Roast Ezo venison with green pepper sauce” – the meat of summer deer served with veal-bone-based fond de veau seasoned with green pepper. A refreshing dish conscious of all four seasons, which makes the most of the powers possessed by seasonal ingredients.

Located in the 1st floor of Akarenga Terrace, P’tit Salé is a casual French restaurant that takes pride in its Hokkaido ingredients, such as Ezo venison that’s served throughout the year.
As well as cuisine typical of Hokkaido, which is popular among tourists from outside the region, the restaurant also offers reasonably priced course meals, and is popular among workers from nearby of-fices during weekday lunchtimes.

Left to right: Ohira, Takahashi, Chef Fukazawa, and Otani. “We’re open for business while taking measures to prevent the spread of infection from coronavirus. Please feel safe to come and dine.”

The restaurant’s greatest feature its menu of Ezo venison dishes that can be eaten throughout the year.
The characteristics of the meat differ according to the period in which it is purchased or the region of origin: the meat of Hidaka summer deer is tender with a refreshing taste as the deer are raised on tree buds, young grass and the like, while meat purchased from Shiretoko and Akan is from deer raised on berries and fruit from trees, which provide the nourishment required to get through the winter, resulting in a firmer quality of meat. These differences are evident as the meat is purchased throughout the year. By cooking the seasonal ingredients in ways that take advantage of those characteristics, each season brings cuisine with different flavors, ensuring customers never become bored, which is one of the rea-sons the restaurant boasts many regular customers who are locals.

The vegetables, which are sourced directly from farms, are delicious in themselves and exist as more of a main part of the dish rather than just garnish. According to Chef Fukazawa, “People are surprised that the vegetables are almost as delicious as the main meat, but they’re just cooked simply. The vegetables themselves are delicious so we don’t have to do much to make them so tasty.”

The stance of offering local ingredients wherever possible also extends to cheese.
Rare cheese made from the milk of sheep raised at “Hokkaido Ishikari Sheep Farm” in Sapporo’s neighboring city is exquisite, and the salt used is also from Ishikari’s coast.
In addition, coloring- and preservative-free delicacies, popular among females and health-conscious customers, are recommended to take out at the Table Ogino charcuterie*.

Enjoy cuisine lovingly prepared by the chef, as well as full-course meals, glass wine, appetizers and the like to suit the scene. Please feel free to pop in.

The red-accented, chic interior provides an atmosphere in which French cuisine can be enjoyed in a casual manner, with counter seats that enable female customers to dine alone more comfortably.

At the terrace seating adjacent to Sapporo Kita 3-jo Plaza, dishes from the same menu as that of inside the restau-rant can be enjoyed along with views of the Hokkaido Government Office. Tables become occupied quickly, as diners can savor the in-season ingredients while getting a full sense of the season.

*Table Ogino charcuterie: pate and sausages produced by Ogino Shinya, owner/chef of Restaurant OGINO in Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Products are handmade in the company’s own factory, without the use of additives such as synthetic seasoning, coloring, preservatives and the like.

Traiteur-Restaurant「P’tit Salé」

■OPEN HOUR:Lunch/11:00~14:00(L.O.)
CAFE/14:00~17:30(16:30 L.O.)
※For the time being, dinnertime opening hours will be altered
■ADDRESS:Akarenga Terrace First-floor Atrium (Kita 2-jo Nishi 4-chome 1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo)
The restaurant takes measures to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, such as hand sanitizer dis-pensers, staff health management, the wearing of masks, appropriate interior ventilation, spacious table settings and the like.

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