The marriage of “land, food and sake”

The attention afforded to Japanese sake, globally, is increasing. In future, if the branding of Hokkaido sake and the marriage of “land, food and sake” continue to advance, it will become hugely advantageous to Hokkaido’s tourism industry.


Therefore, Hokkaido sake LOVE

The Attractiveness of Hokkaido Sake as can only be conveyed by Hokkaido.

For those who want to enjoy and learn about sake from Hokkaido, “Sake Bar Kamada” in Susukino is the place. The owner, Mr. Takashi Kamada, is an expert on sake.


Something Will Change if a Thousand Are Trained

Kamada Takashi shares the attractiveness of Hokkaido sake to the world. At an interview at Sake Bar Kamada which is filled with his thoughts, we heard his story about his love of Hokkaido sake and his sake life.


The Excitement of Local Breweries

The taste of sake sometimes varies by store. Learn the secret why from a store specializing in local brews.


The present and future of Hokkaido sake

Local people drinking local sake supports the industry

Hokkaido’s refined sake is high quality and popular around the world. We asked the managing director of Hokkaido Sake Brewers Association, Kadota Akira, about the current situation and outlook.


To a Hokkaido sake brewery

A sake for the dinner tables of Kushiro, every day

There are many fine winter days in eastern Hokkaido. Amid the blue winter skies stands a brewery chimney. We visited Fukutsukasa Sake Co., Ltd.’s brewery. Established in 1919, it’s the only sake brewer in the Kushiro region.


Asahikawa -- loved by Japanese sake -1

Asahikawa is the only place in Hokkaido that boasts three sake breweries. Why have these breweries been able to continue making sake, uninterrupted?


Asahikawa -- loved by Japanese sake-2

Asahikawa has all the right conditions – the underground water from the Taisetsu Mountains, local rice and cold climate. However, at this northern sake brewery there’s another factor.


Memories of breweries and communities

In search of lost breweries

Sake was an essential part of this working class port city that serves as a focal point of the fishing industry and logistics hub, and there are records of breweries operating in Muroran in the past.


Side stories: Memories of the Sea of Japan that began with Kunimare

Hokkaido as seen from the Sea of Japan

Honma Taizo, founder of the Kunimare Shuzo—Japan’s northernmost sake brewery—located in Mashike Town, came to Otaru from Sado Island at the beginning of the Meiji period, establishing a business in Mashike in 1875. His story sheds light on the Sea of Japan as a major shipping thoroughfare at the time.


The Sea of Japan, Summer 1907

Let’s direct the spotlight on summer sea routes in the Sea of Japan 111 years ago. Our pilots are novelist Arishima Takeo, and Buddhist philosopher Inoue Enryo. What products from Hokkaido can we learn about from there?


The era of Honma Kimi

In 1910, Maruichi Honma (presently Kunimare Sake Brewery) welcomed a bride from southern Hokkaido: Kimi, born from the family line of the chief retainer of the former Matsumae clan.


Afterimages of Northern Sake

With the passing of a local sake brewery, so do its memories. Among the lost sake, we are interested in Tamanokoshi from Haboro and Chiyogiku from Teshio.