From the plaza

In Sapporo in recent years, various spaces have appeared with “interaction” as the keyword. Spaces where people can gather, meet, and where new cultures and urban development are created; such spaces are emerging on land formed symbolically from Hokkaido’s history.


Whose City Plaza is this?

Five years have passed since Sapporo Kita 3-jo Plaza, popularly called “Akapla”, was born. Let’s consider the town plaza space which seems to envelop the history of the region and changes in the city.


Changing from an Industrial Town to a City for Living

The new Naebo Station opened in November 2018. The station building was elevated and became accessible from the north and south. What future will emerge from this new feature of the city?


A Museum that Provides a Place to Connect People

The Date City Museum of History and Culture opened in Date City, Hokkaido. What kind of place could this museum become?


Lighting up the POST-O-KAN light

A former post office in Ishiyama in the Minami-ku district of Sapporo has been given a new lease of life as a space for interaction. It’s called POST-O-KAN. This space, built with locally quarried Sapporo nanseki (soft stone), speaks of the history of the land.


The depth of the culture is the sign of a comfortable life

The SAPPORO COMMUNITY PLAZA opened last autumn and is expected to function as a new town square.